Why Book Your Summer Vacation to The Hills of Himachal Pradesh Well in Advance
Hills in Himachal Pradesh

Why Book Your Summer Vacation to The Hills of Himachal Pradesh Well in Advance

Feb 13, 2018 6:56:30 AM

Welcome back thirsty travellers to another edition of our travel blog where we take you on a journey around India and some of the most exotic destinations ‘to-die-for’ in the world! Last week, we shared with you some of the best-hidden...

This time we’re taking you back to the marvelous mountains of India, Himachal Pradesh, to be precise, and why we think you should book your upcoming summer holidays to the hills of Himachal well in advance. Himachal has many things to do and see, whether you’re travelling solo, with your beau, with your friends or family. However, this popular hill station can get pretty crowded, not to mention expensive, during peak season time, which is usually around the summer months. And who do you go to, to get the best deals and prices on travel? Why, Trinity – your favourite travel agent, of course!

Himachal Pradesh

Here are a few reasons why it is advisable to start planning your summer getaway asap and book your tour to the Himachal mountains well in advance:

You can get the best airfares and hotels at throwaway prices

So, Himachal is situated in the western part of the Himalayan mountains close to tourist hotspots like Manali, Leh-Ladakh and the Rohtang Pass, all of which are quite difficult to get to as they are extreme, rough terrain regions. No matter where you’re coming from, a flight ticket could cost you anywhere between Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 14,000/- one way, depending on how early you book; and the earlier the better, as you can avail throwaway flight ticket prices as low as Rs. 3000/-. Also, as summer approaches, the good hotels in the different points of interest of Himachal can get pretty full up because these places attract a lot of college students, adventure solo and group junkies, and backpackers from all across the world vying to get their hands on the best, most affordable hotels and comfortable rooms to come back to after a long day of hiking up the Himalayas! So booking your flights and hotels to Himachal well in advance and preferably through a reputed travel agent is highly recommended.

An Adventure Junkie’s Paradise

Himachal Pradesh poses some of the best hiking and trekking paths up the chilling and thrilling slopes of the magnificent Himalayan ranges. The snow-capped peaks of Kullu and Manali are perfect for ski-lovers, campers, and river rafters. Shimla and Kasauli are great for trekking too, boasting some of the most difficult and extreme uphill pathways. Bir Billing is great for sky-diving and mountaineering too. Himachal has something for every kind of adventure junkie hence we’ve nicknamed it ‘an adventure junkie’s paradise’. However, each trek, hike, ski session or adventure sport can cost you a bomb if you don’t book them well in advance or take them in ‘all-inclusive’ packages. Which is why we feel it’s best to plan out your summer holiday itinerary well in advance to make the most of discounted travel packages to Himachal available to you at great prices that won’t burn a hole in your paragliding parachute! You sometimes pay close to just half the price of these different adventure activities if they are booked along with a complete holiday package.

The snow-capped peaks of Kullu and Manali

Something for Everyone

And if you're not the “adventure junkie” type, doesn't matter because Himachal has something for everyone to enjoy, no matter what kind of a traveller you are. Relax in the quiet, scenic resorts of Dalhousie, visit ancient Buddhist monasteries in Spiti and Tabo, learn the teachings of the great Dalai Lama, practice meditation, or enjoy cave exploring, bird/animal watching, photography, and sightseeing in the thick, lush jungles of Himachal. Whatever you're in the mood for these summer holidays, the cool mountains of Himachal won't disappoint you. However, to make the most of all these ‘cool’ and fun activities as well as get the best rates on hotels and flights we again recommend that you book your tour packages to Himachal well in advance to avail the best offers, discounts, and prices. Going through a travel agent will help get you even better all-inclusive deals and discounted packages so that you can make the most of the holidays and have the summer vacation of a lifetime!

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